Foundation Kasih Bunda

In 1979, the foundation of Kasih Bunda Indonesia was founded on the request of some Dutch adoptive parents. The meaning of the name is "Kasih = love" and "Bunda = mother". This is thus translated as "mother love". In the same year Kasih BundaĀ Netherlands became and in 1983 Kasih Bunda Switzerland followed , in 1985 Kasih Bunda Germany and Kasih Bunda France.

The foundation Kasih Bunda Netherlands was founded on September 11, 1979, by four couples who adopted children from Indonesia. When they were in Indonesia for the adoption process, Jeanne Tumewu showed them the difficult conditions under which many poor people had to live. Upon returning in the Netherlands, these married couples decided to support the social work of the foundation in Indonesia.

In Indonesia there were a number of problems, namely:

  • The number of children who could not be adopted could grow up and had to be collected in a hostel.
  • There were more and more questions for help. Lots of people who could not keep the head in water in daily practice.
  • The requests for contributions for medical care were becoming increasingly numerous.

The first children's home was a rented villa where all the children were accommodated in two rooms. This caused problems in caring for the children. In an infectious disease, it was not possible to accommodate children in a separate room. In addition, there were also financial problems. For example, because the rent was constantly increased. In the Netherlands we decided, in consultation with Jeanne, to build a new home that would be especially suitable for children and provide space for caregivers. For an established foundation, this was an ambitious plan. The ground for this home was made available by Jeanne who had purchased a portion of a sawa in the past. All adoptive parents who adopted a child through Jeanne were approached to initiate actions to bring together the necessary funds for construction. Many schools, churches, clubs and relatives came into action for the construction of the new home. When there was enough money, construction began. Not the whole amount was brought together, but the board trusted that during the construction the remaining part would be gathered. In 1983 the children's house Loka Kasih was finished and it has become a beautiful house. Still, the house is the pride of the foundation and gave the children a real "home".