Portret of Jeanne Marie Tumewu

(2 juni 1933 - 20 september 1994)

"On June 2, 1933 I was born in Jakarta and was named Jeanne Marie Swart. In the district of Raden Saleh I grew up and lived in Singapore for a short period of time. The family in which I grew up and my whole family can rightly call you a varied group of people: Dutch, Indonesian and even a German Great-Grandfather, take part. "" My father was a municipal official but worked during the Second World War for the Red Cross. This is most likely the reason why the war was unnoticed, as far as possible, passed by us, while many neighbors, colored people like us, were arrested and killed. In 1945 we were still in a detention camp. Fortunately, only 10 days. Then we were taken to Singapore by ship. We, Colored people and the Dutch, would be evacuated to Europe because the situation in Indonesia was too uncertain for us. En route to Singapore broke a measles epidemic. After the quarantine we arrived in a shelter camp. Because of what I saw there, as a twelve year old, I got to know life. In the camp you quickly learned to put your hands out of the sleeves. There were many sick and injured. I was part of nursing and learned to save me with little tools. My Camptime has a stamp printed on me. That time has been decisive for my further life.


Among the inhabitants of the camp were malnourished and sick women with their children, who had already spent a long and difficult period in the Japanese women's camp, separated from their spouses. These men worked on the Burma railway line, which was called the death line. Many have died of hunger and exhaustion. The survivors joined us in the camp. The appearance of these outcast men was indescribable. Likewise, the resemblance of family sledge. Many women, however, waited in vain. Heartbreaking scenes were often the result.

After about half a year, family Swart has left reception camp in Singapore. However, they do not travel to The Netherlands but return to Jakarta, where Jeanne's father returns his former relationship. After a long break, Jeanne returns to school. She has a decent backlog and comes in third grade as 13th birthday. However, she retards the disadvantages and progresses to primary school, secondary education and the nursery school. She teaches two years, exchanges her job as a teacher for a better paid office job. In 1953 the family left Swart to the Netherlands. Jeanne does not go along because she has come to know her future husband and so remains in Indonesia."Maynard, my husband, is from Manado on Sulawesi (Celebes). His father is a Chinese, his mother is a Sulawesian. He uses his mother's name Tumewu. A Chinese name gives you all kinds of problems. With his relatives we have a good understanding. Together they run a transport company. Maynard does the office work for the firm.”   (We have come to know Maynard as a sympathetic and humble man and value learning. He is the calm contradiction to Jeanne's temperament. Behind the scenes he has a lot of work for the foundation. He is a big support for Jeanne.) Jeanne married Maynard in 1955 and together they received five children, two sons and three daughters.

Jeanne passed away on September 20, 1994.

Maynard passed away on June 20, 2015