Start (financial) adoption

How did Jeanne come to her current business?

She answers:

"As usual, by detour and by chance. From 1970 to 1975 I worked as a tour leader at the Dutch foundation S.O.C. (Foundation for Overseas Contacts). The purpose of this foundation was to improve contacts between the Netherlands and Indonesia and organized travel for Indonesians living and living in the Netherlands. A few years ago, I helped people to fix the necessary papers so that they could emigrate to the Netherlands, now people from the Netherlands came to Indonesia. I worked as a guide in Jakarta and sometimes I had to pick up groups from Singapore. During this time, I mediated my first adoption. The Pontianak sultan, whom I knew, asked me to be helpful. His daughter, who lived in the Netherlands, would like to adopt an Indonesian child. Because adoption was still a fairly unknown phenomenon in Indonesia, I informed hospitals whether a child had been given a child. The result was that I did not get one, but ten babies at home. Refreshing was of course impossible, so I took care of them at home. After the first adoption, more applications from the Netherlands followed. The contacts ran through a social worker. Some time after that, I started my own home. Our different views (Jeanne - S.O.C.), especially regarding the inclusion of children in my house, resulted in a breach of the relationship in 1978. Adoption in Indonesia can not be prescribed and regulated from Europe. These adoptions are an Indonesian affair and demand a lot of sense and knowledge of relationships in Indonesia."