Guest accommodation Loka Kasih

In the hostel there are five guest rooms furnished with air conditioning and bathroom. These can be hired when you want to stay in Jakarta or in the hostel. Sally allows you to discuss and arrange travel about Java. A Bali stay is also possible.

One can plan the trip for three days in Loka Kasih to attend the flight and then travel by bus with a driver on Java. If you discuss it in advance, booking your airline ticket is only required and you will arrange the trip in consultation with you. The cost of staying at Loka Kasih is: Approximately € 25 for one person and approximately € 30 for two people per night. This includes also three meals. For a fee, they can pick you up at the airport and will do the laundry. If you are interested in staying at the hostel, you can contact Ronald and Sally Tumewu. Ronald speaks Dutch and Sally speaks English.

J.l. Moh. Toha Km 18
Pondok Cabe Udik
RT/ RW 01104
Pamulang Tangerang 15418
Tel. : 0062 217490173

Information in the Netherlands:
Fam. W. de Bruijn
Huys de Merwede 47
3356 AK Papendrecht
Tel.: 078 6156785