The residents of Loka Kasih

When the adoption was discontinued in 1983, there were 40 children in the home. Then they were between 0 and 2 years old. To a large extent, the children have gone to school, but can not always finish the school. By-use lessons have been attempted to give the children as much as possible. A teacher's couple gave these children a lesson in a room adapted for this purpose in the home. The children who no longer went to school tried to learn a subject to live independently later. They did work experience through internships in and outside the home.

Before the death of Jeanne in 1994, Sally and Ronald Tumewu have the daily leadership of Loka Kasih. The children regard them as father and mother. If there were any problems with the children's upbringing, Sally talked to the children. All children had tasks in the household also the children who went to school at that time. To handle the children with money, they received a small amount of pocket money. The children of Loka Kasih grew up in a good environment, but are rather protected. As they became older, they had to learn to live more in society. For a lot of children at one point, that time had come.

The children also went with the guests and friends of the Tumewu family when they went to a swimming pool or went shopping for example. Sometimes with the whole group or sometimes with a small group. Meanwhile they are now grown up. Some follow a further education. The others are working, both inside and outside the home. It is very difficult for them to find a good job. And keep this job. Some work at Ronald in the garage or work for the guesthouse.

In addition, some now live outside the hostel. Some are married and now have children themselves. Unfortunately, it is difficult for them to get around. They just get enough to pay their rent and there is little left for food and all for clothes. Fortunately, they can still fall back on their home base. Where they are always welcome.