Project Atambua

Atambua is located on the island of Timor (Indonesia). A while ago, Sally visited a monastery there. She then heard that some things like water, food, medicine and electricity were not present in the area. From the monastery they tried to do something about it. Following what Sally saw and heard, two board members also visited the monastery. Together, it is decided to support the monastery in their project

Information about the project

The project is led by five nuns and reaches 200 poor families.

  • There is a kindergarten where one non is in charge and there are a few class assistants.
  • At the monastery there is an infant care and a hospital room.
  • One non is head of high school
  • Regularly received people from three campongs (villages) rice.
  • Every day, elderly people are fed food

Meanwhile, a number of things have been realized.

Water tanks 
For water the people had to go a long distance. To help them, Sally, together with the Kasih Bunda Foundation, has put two water tanks at the monastery, outpatient clinic and kindergarten. During the dry period, they are filled once with water for one and a half months. During the wet period rainwater is collected.

Furthermore, there was no electricity available. This meant that children had to do their homework at low light of an oil lamp. In two villages, aggregates are placed. With a lamp in each cabin, the children can now do their homework.

Food and medicine
There is also a monthly deposit of 500 euros, so that rice and medicines can be purchased for the outpatient clinic. So far, we could pay that out of a legacy we received. But that money is slowing down.

School fees
Also, a contribution of € 2300 has been made to ensure that 40 young people can go to high school in 2016.


What do we want to do further in 2017

  • In one small village we want to place solar panels with three lamps for each cottage. If there is sufficient sun, no fuel is needed for the aggregates.
  • In three villages we want to place a lantern working on solar panels. A good confirmation must also be made for this.
  • There is a playground in the kindergarten. Repairs are needed and some extensions because there are more children.
  • Also, by 2017, we want to ensure that 40 children can visit high school and for this we need to transfer € 2300.


As the legacy money slowly rises and we would like to continue to support this project, we have prepared a newsletter. These can also be found at the downloads.