What do we want to do in 2018

  • We want to deposit 12 times € 500 (total € 6000) a month for rice and medicine.
  • In June we will reimburse € 2400 for school fees for 40 children so that they can go to high school again. Due to your deposits, we have that money available.
  • For the kindergarten, at the monastery, we would like to have a television with which DVD can be played. There are two classes with 50 children each. There is electricity there. The cost is about € 400.
  • We want to send 96 solar lights for people living in a disse without electricity. The costs are: Purchase lamps: € 1850; transport € 150; Invoice cost € 460. So it's totaling € 2460.
  • We want to help the people to build their house and need € 1200 for that. We do not know the costs for the water well at this time. 6. In the future we want to establish two libraries. One is the monastery (one space is there) and one in the ones where the house is still to be demolished. The children can then read at home if they have learned to read at school. This is a plan we need to further develop. Sally (director of the hostel in Jakarta) is going to collect old books at the children's school in Jakarta.