Financial adoption

The financial adoption has been established to support children, whose parents are very poor, so that the children can go to school. This is therefore one of the conditions to be met. The children should report their reports to the people at Loka Kasih's office in Jakarta. This was first at the Radeh Saleh. See pictures. Later this was moved to the hostel.

The contribution for financial adoption is € 18, - per month. Every first week of the month, the money is paid to the children at the office. The children sometimes give a letter for the sponsor. Furthermore, the family's business is discussed. The education is limited to high school or vocational training. A study at a university is so expensive in Indonesia that it can not be paid out of the money of financial adoption. Child support stops as soon as school education is over. Because it is very hard to find work today, support can continue for a few months. An exact age when support stops is not indicated because that is different for each child. The financially adoptive parents can also send letters and pictures to their "child". These are translated and given to the child on the payment date. In some cases, there is a good correspondence between the child and his adoptive parents and in other cases it is a little more difficult. It is sometimes hard for the children to understand that someone on the other side of the world is making money for him or her. If you are interested in financial adoption or would you like more information please contact us.